Live Digital Caricature Artist


Your corporate or personal event can have a major WOW factor with a Digital Caricature Artist.

Imagine a talented professional artist drawing cool complementary caricatures on an iPad or computer tablet. Your people get to watch the drawing as it happens on a TV monitor. Technology these days is amazing.

The person or persons being drawn then get a 4 x 6 print out of their awesome cartoon. It will also be available for download to any device.

Everyone watching is interested and amazed by the process, and they all get to laugh and be proud of the results. 

People connect with each other while watching the drawing, and each drawing shows how that person is significantly cool and stands out from the crowd.

Everyone who sits down knows their drawing is going to be good, because the one they watched being drawn before them was so cool, and yet each drawing is different. 

Digital caricatures are great for giving your people the highest quality caricature experience that technology has to offer.

Drawing attention at tradeshows, entertaining guests, and rewarding employees is guaranteed!


My rate for live digital caricatures is $200 an hour for anywhere in the state of Florida.

an expense fee will apply for anywhere outside of Florida, and we are happy to travel!

You get:

Friendly professional service.

High-quality digital cartoon caricature entertainment.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I’m doing a promotion right now, everyone who signs up for my email newsletter, gets a Free sample drawing.

Free Sample?

Would you like a free sample digital caricature?
Drawn in the same style as I do at events?

Everyone who signs up for my email newsletter and is considering hiring me to draw at your event, can request a free sample.

To get yours, fill out the Caricature Inquiry form, and sign up for my newsletter. You’ll be able to upload your photo in the form. 

The sample drawing can be one person only.

I am more than happy to draw it for you, and I’ll deliver it back to you by email as quickly as possible. 

It’s fun!